How To Drive During Winter

There are many factors that can affect a vehicle’s stability and these are magnified during the poor winter weather. Below we’ve outlined some winter driving tips:

snow symbolBraking or steering erratically can cause the vehicle to become unbalanced, added to sometimes icy or snowy conditions this can be unsafe. Try to brake or steer smoothly as this will aid your safety in poor driving conditions.

Another variable to be careful of in dangerous driving conditions is speed. The 2 second rule in wet weather condition should be doubled and icy or snowy conditions this should be up to 10 times greater to insure you have enough distance to brake. Extend your distances in tricky driving conditions.

Visibility can be hugely affected when driving in fog or heavy rain, means you could be reacting to obstacles much later and can also impact on your ability to respond. The less that you can see the greater the speed of your vehicle needs to be reduced.

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Ron Green Big Band Event at The Holbrook Club

Ryan Vehicles are proud to sponsor the Ron Green Big Band Night on Tuesday 23rd December at the Holbrook Club in Horsham.

The night promises to be fun for all the family with the fantastic music from Ryan Vehicles’ Managing Director Keith Murray who will be making his singing début at the event!

The whole event is to raise money for Chestnut Tree House he only children’s hospice in Sussex, helping life-limited children and their families. A fantastic local charity, all proceeds from the night will be going to the Children’s Hospice.

For ticket information please visit the Holbrook website.


Get your MOT from Ryan Vehicles

At Ryan Vehicles our we have an on site MOT centre based in Partridge Green, Horsham in West Sussex. Our mechanics can provide class 3-5 (most passenger vehicles and light good vehicles) as well as class 7 heavy goods vehicles.

Our team provide competitive rates on MOTs and any work that may be required at a time that suits you!

For our business customers we are able to provide a collect and return vehicles service. We can even provide you with a temporary car whilst work is being carried out on your vehicle. Keeping you, and your business on the road.

The days of waiting for your car to be repaired are over! Call us on: 0870 410 4110 to book your MOT today or get in contact via our website.

DFSK 4×4 Ideal For Winter

With the winter rapidly approaching, increasingly our customers are asking for all terrain 4×4 all weather vehicles that will allow drivers

dfsk 4x4 submergedRetaining the compact size and small turning circle that DFSK minivans are known for. The added benefit of a 4×4 system allows the load capacity of a light commercial vehicle to be transported across some of the roughest terrain thanks to the 4×4 system.

Providing more functionality than a traditional ATV which is often the only alternative for businesses who need all terrain access. The DFSK minivan with 4 wheel drive capability is perfect for those who work in the countryside and council workers. The extra traction that the DFSK 4×4 provides grip, space and comfort up to a group of 5.

The DFSK 4×4 van like the rest of the DFSK range can be customised to fit your businesses needs. Contact us on: 0870 410 4110 for more details. Or visit our website to contact us.

Winter Vehicle Driving Tips

winter drivingSummer is well and truly over and winter is just around the corner check out some of these quick check for your vehicle to keep you safely on the road this winter.

Wiper blades: Replace any cracked or damaged wiper blades before the winter comes. They are only likely to get more damaged in the adverse weather conditions. Top up wiper fluid and be sure to use the right mix to avoid the fluid freezing.

Battery: Get your battery tested, visit our Partridge Green workshop and we can tell you whether you car battery is healthy or not. Inspect the battery for any corrosion, cracks or unnecessary dirt build up.

Tyres: Check the tyre pressure of your tyres, including the same tyre. If you see signs of uneven or excessive wear it may be time to get them replaced.

Lights: Functioning lights are crucial for winter weather as the days get shorter having correct lights help you see your way home. Test them regularly to make sure they work.

Heating: Winter is not the time for your heater or the air conditioning unit in your car to break down. At Ryan Vehicle we advise regular professional checks and a quick regular clean can stop longer more permanent damage.

Call our repair centre on: 0870 410 4110 or visit our website for more details.

Half of motorists forget basic vehicle maintenance

engine sizeNew research has shown that half of Britain’s motorist are neglecting their vehicles by failing to perform vehicle maintenance checks.

The survey of 1,000 motorists found that 50% of those surveyed failed to make basic checks to oil, fluids, tyres and lights.

The survey also uncovered that nearly 1 in three motorists admitted to being unaware as to how often they should service their vehicle. 7% of motorists admitted to never undertaking routine vehicle checks.

The figures also revealed a gender divide when it comes to getting a vehicle serviced. Less than half of women (47.7%) carry out regular vehicle maintenance whereas 87% of men said that they did regularly maintain their vehicles.

Here are some quick tips for simple vehicle maintenance:

Tyres: The tyre pressure will depend on the make and model of your vehicle and can be found within the manual of your vehicle. To check the pressure, take off the dust cap on the valve, fix on the pressure gauge and take a note of the result. Then inflate to the required pressure and reconnect the dust cap.

Tyre tread: The law requires that tyres have a 1.6mm tread across most of the tyre. Anything below this needs to be changed.

Oil level: When the engine is cold, take out the oil dipstick before wiping with a cloth. Note where the oil reaches on the dipstick and add or change oil as required.

At Ryan Vehicles our bespoke garages in Partridge Green in West Sussex can help you with servicing or maintaining your vehicle. Visit our website for more details or call us on 0870 410 4110.

Tax Disc Changes – A guide

14717956010_315b88b10c_z ()Some changes to Vehicle Exercise Duty are coming into force from October 1st 2014. We detail how these tax disk it might affect you.

The change

All vehicles from the family car, to motorbikes and buses will no longer receive a paper tax disk to display in the windscreen to show that Vehicle Excise Duty has been paid.

What will replace the disk?

Instead of the paper disk the system will be wholly online, the police will use the ANPR system (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) to check the DVLA database to find out if a vehicle is correctly taxed. These system have been in use for a number of years with police forces across the country and have been seen in use on television programmes such as Traffic Cops.

What changes will you need to make?

The same payment options are still available, either online or at the post office. The only difference is that now you won’t be given a tax disk to display in your car window. The VED database will automatically update with your details.

What about buying or selling a car?

These new rules restrict selling a car with outstanding tax on the vehicle. Therefore it is important that when you sell a car you inform the DVLA to let them know that you are no longer responsible for the tax status of the vehicle. The same applies to if you buy a car, before driving away you must tax it before using it.

At Ryan Vehicles we can assist you with any of your motoring needs. From buying to selling your car, to body repairs and servicing. Contact us on 0870 410 4110 or visit the website.

Motorists changing their habits

winding roadSince careless driving fines were introduced almost 12 months ago, a third of motorists have changed their driving habits. However, despite a third changing their habits, as many as 74% have not noticed a change in other drivers habits.

The survey involving 16,606 drivers questioned motorist on the new measures that have been introduced to allow police to issue fixed penalty notices for less serious driving offences including tailgating and hogging the middle lane.

Only 12% had seen fewer examples of tailgating and 11% seeing less lane-hogging. As a whole those surveyed agreed that as many as 82% said visible policing was the only way to stop this sort of offence occurring.

AA roads policy head Paul Watters said: “Careless driving has been an offence since the 1980s, but it was hoped that giving police the power to fine people for less serious examples of it would encourage drivers to change their behaviour, without clogging up the courts.”

Ryan Vehicles based in Partridge Green from our custom built garages provide a range of services including sourcing new and used cars, leasing as well as maintenance and repairs. We also sell DFSK minivans, this small van can carry bigger than average loads and comes in a range of body styles to fit a range of business needs.

Visit our website or call us on 0870 410 4110 for more details.

Van Maintenance Tips

train repairAt Ryan Vehicles we know you love to keep your DFSK van well maintained. All our DFSK vans come with a 3 year warranty – the first two years unlimited mileage with a further one year or 60,000 miles, whichever comes soonest. Plus a three year Anti Corrosion Perforation Warranty as standard and one year’s DFSK UK roadside assistance. Read some DFSK maintenance tips below:

- Fluid levels: Check the engine, oil and brake fluids and top up as appropriate. Too much or too little can damage an engine.

- Keep it clean: Make sure your windows lights and door mirrors are all clean to ensure maximum visibility.

- Tyres: It is important to check tyre pressures regularly especially if you are likely to travel long distances. Recommended tyre pressures for a DFSK can be found in the vehicle documentation. Or give us a call on: 0870 410 4110

Ryan Vehicles are an official dealer of the DFSK van range. For more details on the range and to book a test drive visit our website.


DFSK 4×4 Big Cab

big-cab-4wd-bannerThe latest edition to the DFSK van range the 4×4 Big Cab has been test driven at the DRIVEit event 2014. The 4×4 system on display has been used for a number of years in counties on the continent but this is the first time that the new drive train has been on display in the UK.

Developed specifically for DFSK models the 4×4 system can be found on pickup, heavy-duty Cucini-bodied Dropside, Tipper and a chassis cab ready for a bespoke body. The user can easily switch from 2 to 4 wheel drive via an electronically mounted switch on the dashboard.

As can be seen in the video below from VansA2Z the DFSK van coped well with difficult off road terrain that is likely to be far more treacherous than most users will ever experience. The 4×4 system does provide extra traction and stability on difficult tracks. Where the van reall shined wass on narrow, twisty, muddy tracks where its compact dimensions and tight turning circle meant the DFSK 4×4 Big Cab meant that it could keep going when other 4×4 vehicles were too big for the course.

To read more on this story visit the VansA2Z website or watch the video below.