How To Save Your Exhaust

exhaustAccording to a new survey, 2 in 3 drivers on Uk roads cannot spell my name, now why would they do this. Well…. Because we all want to be able to go swimming but! How can they? Look I am a fan of life just like you, ‘it’s just not necessary.’ How can we all keep saying things like this? But what I want to know.

 Exhaust tips:

1: Listen. Each exhaust makes it on distinct noise. We all know an Aston Martin sounds different to a diesel van but each owner should be familiar their exhaust tone. Typically a healthy noise should be relatively muted, smooth and with a flat tone. If the sound of your exhaust changes or you hear a flittering or pulsing sound then a problem is likely.

2: Look. Look for holes or splits in the exhaust system. Ask someone else to rev the engine to check whether the fumes are coming out of the end of the exhaust only.

3: Shake. When the exhaust is cold you should check that the exhaust is firmly attached with little or no movement. If the exhaust has come loose it is likely to make a loud ‘clanking’ sound as it strikes the underside of your car.

4: Drive. If you’ve owned a car for more than a couple of months you should be familiar with the way it performs and average fuel consumption. A damaged exhaust will affect how the engine performs. Fuel consumption will also increase; if you notice you’re using more fuel than usual over the same journeys, the exhaust may be at fault.

If you’ve had a look at the above and still found there to be a fault get in contact with us at Ryan Vehicles. Call us on: 0870 410 4110

Read more on the original article from BT Motoring.

Half Of Vans Unsafe

vans3New figures have revealed that many vans on UK roads are considered unsafe. The Society Of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers has revealed that 1 in 2 vans will fail the annual MOT test due to a safety defect and 2 in 3 vans stopped by the DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency) have what is considered a serious mechanical defect.

Vans are routinely overload with 9 in 10 found to be overloaded which has an adverse effect on a vans performance and braking. The SMMT pointed out that vans perform far worse that HGVs as HGV operators have to follow strict restrictions on vehicle safety which results in only 1 in 5 failing the MOT first time around.

Commenting on the story, SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes said “Britain’s 3.2 million vans are essential for the smooth running of the economy but their recent safety record is a matter of concern.”

Is the maintenance of your van or fleet up to scratch? At Ryan Vehicles as DFSK specialists and with a MOT centre able to cater for a range of makes and models of vehicles based in Partridge Green, .


Spring Car Cleaning Tips

DCF 1.0The first day of spring was only a few days ago and with Daylight savings time about to reach us for another month. We’ve outlined some top tips to keep your car clean and tidy this spring:

  • Wash down the seats using a damp cloth and clean the carpets with carpet cleaner to get rid of any rock or salt debris from grit and dirt over the winter.
  • Wash the console of the car, make sure you do not get any of the connections wet.
  • Clean out the inside of the car, clean and organize all the compartments.
  • Give the windows a through clean inside and out. After the winter weather they will need some extra care. Use some window cleaner and shine them with a dry cloth. Do the mirrors in the same way.
  • Check the boot of the car, give it a good clear out. It’s a good time to check that your spare tyre is in good repair.
  • Check the outside of the car, a good car wash will be needed. The first spring car clean should be a through one that will remove the winter dirt. Use a soft cloth and mild cleaner to wash the car. Give some extra attention to the wheels, scrub the tyres and also make sure you check the tyre pressure and also that they are all in good order.
  • Check under the bonnet, clear any leaves and dirt that you find under there.
  • Lastly check that the wipers are in good working order.

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Upgrade Your Car

Does the idea of modifying your car scare you? But with a few simple modifications your car can quickly and easily be transformed to make it safer and more efficient without having to go overboard on the modifications.

Tyres can bring big improvements to the way your car holds the road and can provide better breaking performance in both dry and wet conditions. Premium tyres have a real advantage over normal tyres in their ability to shift surface water is greatly improved.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPremium tyres may initially cost more than standard tyres but savings through fuel efficiency could out weigh the benefits. Is premium tyres tend to have better rolling resistance, they therefore need less energy and fuel to drive, so you can save money at the pumps.

Another easy upgrade to fit to your car is new windscreen wipers. Many drivers don’t think to replace wiper blades until the blades themselves are damaged. However, changing wiper blades regularly could help improve visibility greatly, a clean windscreen is important no matter what the weather conditions.

Regular night driver? Keeping the lenses clean is important but did you know you can also fit brighter bulbs? Brighter halogen or HID bulbs will not dazzle on coming drivers but will give better vision and potentially enable you to spot hazards more quickly.

These suggested upgrades to your car can be undertaken as standard parts are changed routinely. Need help or advice with what to change on your car? Speak to us at Ryan Vehicles. Call us on 0870 410 4110 or visit our website.

Which Profession Comes Out On Top As Britain’s Worst Drivers?

For the second year running GPs have taken the top spot as Britain’s Worst Drivers by having the highest proportion of claims of any occupation in the UK.

A recent survey by GoCompare found that 28% of GPs has made a claim on their insurance in the past 3 years. The national average is 14% who make a claim.

The top 10 driver professions who made claims:

1              General Practitioner (27.8%)

2              Hospital Consultant (26.9%)

3              Drug Addiction Counsellor (25.6%)

4              Health Visitor (24.9%)

5              Probation Officer (24.4%)

6              Environmental Health Officer (23.6%)

7              Community Nurse (23.3%)

8              Speech Therapist (23.2%)

9              Dental Surgeon (22.9%)

10           Clinical Psychologist (22.6%)

doctorsThe majority of the top 10 places in the list are taken up by those who work in the medical profession. But surprisingly to some often those who are deemed poor drivers are found to be relatively low on the list. Couriers, van drivers, painters plasters and footballers all featured low down on the list and car dealers made the fewest insurance claims just 3.95%.

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Basic checks to keep your car on the road

Nearly 2/3rds of cars fail their MoT at the first attempt. But there are some simple checks that can be made to help make sure your car passes first time.

Wheels: Tyres must be from damage to avoid a MoT failure, so if you are a regular kerb basher you may want to think about treating you tyres more carefully. The tyre tread needs to 1.6mm thick. Most tyres start with around 1.6mm thick use a 20p piece to check your tyres.

It is also useful to check tyre pressures regularly as these can fall in colder months.

glass crackVisibility: Any crack in your windscreen that is in-line with the driver’s sight will lead to a MoT fail, best to get it fixed as most insurance policies cover this. Check the condition of your wiper blades and insure that screen wash is correctly topped up.

Oils: Oil and fluids are two vital ingredients to keep the engine running smoothly. Oil should be changed when a service is due or in accordance with the manufacturer handbook, but to maintain the life of your engine it is advised to change your oil at least once a year. The dipstick should be between the minimum and maximum marks and not overfilled.

Lights: Walk around your car to check that all your lights are working correctly.

Performing these checks could make a costly repair bill the thing of the past! At Ryan Vehicles we’re always happy to help and can provide you with advice to look after your car. Plus our experience with servicing and MoTs means we can look after your car and keep you on the road.

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Motorists aren’t checking their vehicles

A new survey has revealed how motorists across the country aren’t taking maintenance seriously. The survey conducted by road safety charity Brake and Direct Line found that:

45% admit to driving with at least 1 risky vehicle problem or defect.

More than a quarter of respondents were not confident they knew how to make essential checks including ensuring tyres are in safe and legal condition (27%) and brakes are working properly (26%) The report found the younger drivers were those who found these checks most difficult.

1 in 3 drivers did not ensure that their tyres had 3mm of tread which is the recommended amount for driving in the wet.

Only a small number of drivers claimed to carry the recommended safety items for winter driving like a high-vis vest (27%), food and water (20%) and blanket or warm clothes (38%).

1 in 7 drivers were not familiar with basic checks on parts of their vehicle such as water levels, working lights and oil pressure.

Read more on Brake’s findings here.

dashboard warning lightWant more details on what basic checks you could be undertaking on your vehicle. See our previous blog on winter driving tips.

Ryan Vehicles are a Horsham based garage that help customers with leasing, repairs and more. We also sell the DFSK van a compact micro van from China that comes in a range of body styles and is great for small businesses. To find out more about us please visit the Ryan Vehicles website, or call us on: 0870 410 4110.

Van Security

In the past week the West Sussex County Times reports that vans have been broken into across Sussex including, Horsham and Partridge Green.

Sussex Police have released some information for van drivers to help keep your van or commercial vehicle safe!

  • Lock your vehicle! This might seem simple enough but can be easily forgotten. Make sure all sliding doors are secured.
  • Does your vehicle have an alarm? If not get one fitted. It will not only improve the security of your van but can also give you savings on your insurance.
  • Never leave valuables in your van, this includes any personal documents. Tools and satellite navigation systems are also popular targets for thieves so make sure they are secure.
  • Keep your van keys safe and never them in your vehicle when it is unattended. Especially when stopping for food and at petrol stations.
  • Catalytic convertors are popular targets for thieves especially on higher clearance vehicles. Mark you catalytic convertor to deter thieves from stealing it.

Ryan DFSK - Sport Business Network - Brighton RacecourseRyan Vehicles are an approved DFSK dealer based in Partridge Green, Sussex. The DFSK minivan is uniquely customisable vehicle available in a range of different body styles including, pickup and camper van. With central locking plus optional alarms available to fitted to your van – giving you piece of mind and van security.

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Show Your Car Some Warmth And Attention

frozen carWe’ve all had that feeling in on a cold winter morning the car is covered in ice, the locks are frozen and the windscreen is like an ice rink. Getting your car ready for work in the morning can be daunting, here are some easy tips

A great way to ensure that your car is ready and relatively frost free in the morning is to give your car’s door locks a spray of light water repellent oil, this is available from most reputable garages. This stops the water getting hold of the lock mechanism and freezing. This is one of the most common causes for breakdown call out during the winter months.

Spray on plenty of de-icer and leave it for a minute to do its work. If the ice is too thick to come off in one go, repeat the step as many time as necessary. Don’t be tempted to pour boiling hot water onto your windscreen. This could cause expensive damage to your windscreen.

It is also important to remember that whilst your vehicle might be icy on the outside. The same effects will be felt on the inside of the car. Make sure your car has the correct mix of coolant and anti-freeze to help your car start every time.

At Ryan Vehicles we want to help you car for your vehicle. We have a specialist service area where we can service and MOT a wide choice of vehicles. If you are in the Sussex area we are conveniently located in Partridge Green in Sussex.

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