DFSK To Launch 4×4 Big Cab At DRIVEit Show 2014

DFSK the importers of Chinese built DFSK Loadhopper minivans and mini trucks are introducing a 4×4 DFSK variant to the market.

dfsk big cab 4x4
DFSK UK will be debuting the new two-seater 4×4 Big Cab drop side and tipper — with heavy duty alloy bodywork by Italian specialist Cucini — featuring additional storage space behind the seats. In essence an extended cab minus the additional rear side doors. The system which has been developed specifically for DFSK models and has been used successfully in Europe for a number of years.

For users to be able to engage 4×4, they use an electronic dash-mounted button and to enable the low-range option on the van this is engaged manually using a shorter gear stick which is adjacent to the orignal one.

These added features to the van should provide DFSK drivers with even more flexibility to go where they need to get to.

Read more on the launch at the VansA2Z website; reviewers of light commercial vehicles.

DRIVEit 2014 is taking part at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground on the 10th – 12 July. For more detail on DFSK vans from Ryan Vehicles please visit our website or call us on 0870 410 4110.

DFSK at Driveit Show

DFSK will be attending the DRIVEit Van Swindon deliveriesShow in Leicestershire on the 10 – 12 July. The show gives customers and prospects the opportunity to drive vehicles rather than view them on an exhibition stand. The DFSK team will be taking along the following vehicles to the event:


  • Big Cab Dropside with heavy duty body
  • Big Cab Tipper
  • V Series Tipper
  • Big Cab 4WD Tipper for the rough terrain centre
  • Minibus for ferrying drivers to the rough terrain centre

The V Series is being shown to gauge visitor response as we intend to bring this vehicle to market early 2015.

This is a great opportunity for potential customers such as local authorities, utility companies and other potential users of the minivan come along to experience the vehicles for themselves. Tickets to the event are free, visit the Driveit website for more details.


Vans A2Z Microvan of the year – DFSK Loadhopper

vans a2z awardsThe DFSK Loadhopper is the Vans A2Z microvan of the year for 2014. Vans A2Z a comprehensive commercial vehicle website covering the whole commercial vehicle sector have defined the DFSK Loadhopper as it’s microvan of the year.

Despite limited competition in this sector the Vans A2Z describe this increasing van niche as an important sector for the industry as business owners return to this form factor.

With a choice of 2 petrol engines either 1.0 / 1.3 litres and a great choice of body styles. With DFSK you aren’t just limited to Loadhopper, pick up, drop-sides and stretched single cabs are all available from Ryan Vehicles. Our base in Partridge Green provides our customers with a dedicated MOT and servicing centre. Plus we source DFSK vans for a range of customers, they love their great practicality and the fact that we can customise the vans to their specific requirements.

From councils to small business owners, this small van has a big capacity and is a great addition to your fleet or business.

For more information on DFSK vans from Ryan Vehicles, call us on: 0870 410 4110 or visit our dedicated website here for more information on the range.

To find out more about the Vans A2Z award winning DFSK and to read their review visit the website here.

DFSK Latest Offers

photo (4)Have you seen our latest blogs showing some fantastic DFSK ex-demonstrator vans that we have in stock? We have a wide variety of vehicles everything from pickups to minibuses, and all for excellent low prices. The vans all have low mileage and all have big savings against their retail prices.

Check out the rest of our blog here, to see each van and accompanying photos. Ryan Vehicles are DFSK dealers based in Patridge Green. We are a DFSK Main dealer and provide vehicles to customers across the south of England.

DFSK Ex Demo stock – Panel Van

This DFSK 1.3 Panel Van with alloy wheel and tow bar. For full specification see bottom of page.

All enquiries please call us on: 0870 410 4110 or email: info@ryanvehicles.com

photo (17) photo (20) photo (21) photo (22)photo 4Registration     OU12CWE                                         Date reg          01/07/12

Model              DFSK 1.3 Panel Van                          Colour             Silver

SIV                 £6,000.00 + vat                                   Mileage           5,650

Cost New        £9,495.00 + vat

Saving             £2,500.00 + vat

Retail               £6,995.00 + vat

Extras              Alloy wheels/carpets/towbar

Visit our website for more information on the other services we provide.

Dangers Of Overloading A Van

heavy vanStatistics from VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) warn that as many as 75% of the vans it’s inspectors check can be overloaded. Overloading a van can have severe consequences to the way a van reacts on the road.

Safety concerns are raised as a heavy load will increase braking distances significantly, making an accident far more likely. However, safety implications are not the only downside to overloading a van, it is also likely to affect fuel economy and ensure your van emits more CO2; it can also result in handling and stability issues.

VOSA is promising to take a tougher stance on those who overload their vans to such an extent that they become a real danger on the roads. A fine of up to £5000 and disqualification from driving can be imposed if VOSA believes the van to be a danger to the public.

Ryan Vehicles sell the DFSK range of compact vans ideal for towns and cities and available in a wide variety of different customisation options. Ryan Vehicles publish all the load and carry weights of the vans we sell on our website, or for any enquiries contact us on 0870 410 4110.


4×4 comes to DFSK


This gallery contains 4 photos.

Starting from 2014 Ryan Vehicles is to offer the new DFSK V-series van to customers. The benefit of a V-series van is that it provides 4×4 capabilities in a small size van; this is ideal for when a small van … Continue reading

6% of businesses never service their vans

Poor van maintenance could invalidate insurance policies. A recent survey by AXA insurance found that although 90% of van operators have their vans serviced at least once a year, the startling figure of 6% who never had their van serviced.

AXA warns that if an accident occurs and inadequate van maintenance is found to have taken place this could result in the claim being dismissed.

They also found a correlation between lack of servicing and a valid MOT of a van. Many van owners admitted to having chipped exhausts, wing mirrors and wind screens.  As AXA business insurance managing director Darrell Sansom points out: “While most van owners and drivers behave and drive responsibly, unfortunately there are some who clearly do not take their safety, or the safety of others seriously. This could be because they simply forget about maintenance, or they are worried abofile6371246386117ut the costs.”

To read more on this article click here.

All DFSK minivans come with a 3 years/ 60,000 mile warranty and a wide choice of body styles see our DFSK vans visit our website here

DFSK vans are the perfect choice for the self employed entrepreneur

More and more people are choosing to start their own businesses, the Office for National Statistics writes that tax applications for the self-employed are up 367,000 in four years. There couldn’t be a better way to start a business than with one of minivanl1our DFSK vans.

What makes DFSK vans unique is their affordable price and flexibility for a wide range of uses, all attributes that are perfect for an aspiring self-employed business person. Our vans start from only £7,995 which is perfect for small business owners who have low start-up costs.

Our DFSK vans come up in a wide choice of customisation options for all needs.

The loadhopper:Offers a great capacity of 550kg and a 3 cubic meter loading capacity. A great low loading position.

The pickup: A payload of 907kg, with drop down sides and tail gate to mean easy access to the loading floor.

The tipper: Combines all the benefits of the pickup but with the added ability to tip in 3 directions that can be controlled within the cab itself.

All our vans have a highly economical 1.3L 4 cylinder engine and come with a great 3 year/60,000 mile warranty.

Take a look at our great range of vans available now; they are great for a wide range of uses. To book a test drive today click here.

How to maximie your business with van signage

Van signage is popular with businesses with around two thirds using the available advertising space on their vans to good use. A recent survey by AXA Business insurance of 300 van owners has surveyed what the majority of use the space for. The most common feature used was the business name.

The space available on the van is one of the best available to the business, however AXA found that only 6 in 10 van owners provided a basic contact telephone number for future clients; Less than half provided a website link.

More than half of UK consumers have reportedly used the information displayed on the side of van when requiring similar services and will actively look for a van displaying the service required. Therefore correct signage on the side of a van is money well spent.

The things that appeal most to consumers are witty comical signage, pictures and colours are also popular. 27% display some sort of appraisal on the side of the van and this is important for consumers in choosing to contact the van owner to use their service.

However, poor signage can have an adverse effect on the business. Spelling mistakes would put consumers off as well as bad driving and a dirty van.

AXA spoke to design consultant Darren Forsyth to offer some advice to maximise the side of your van as an advertising resource.

  • Use as few colours as possible and stick to a colour that will contrast with the colour of the van e.g. dark blue signage on a white van.
  • Make sure you use a suitable material – a vehicle wrap vinyl is ideal for vans.
  • Keep it simple and obvious – unless you’re stuck in a traffic jam, potential customers won’t have time to take in much detail.
  • Put the key bits of information at eye level for other drivers. There’s no point having the company name or contact details somewhere that will be obscured by other traffic
  • Try to put signage within the panels of the van – avoid going over door joins or round corners of the bodywork.
  • While consumers say they like pictures, simple illustrations will work better than photographs.
  • A sans serif font will work well, particularly in bigger size.
  • And if the colour of the font is important get some swatches to reference as vinyl colours don’t match regular pantone reference colours.
  • Get several people to proof read your sign – a mistake can be disastrous for business
  • And ask your insurer about discounts for signage – some, including AXA, will offer a discount for a ‘branded’ van.

For more information on the great range of DFSK vans and services we offer contact us or visit us at Partridge Green, West Sussex.

To read more on this source click here.